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Workshops, exhibitions and theatre productions

With Katrina Dunn, Paul Budra and Dean Paul Gibson (co-investigators).  The Galatea Project.  A professional workshop with Bard on the Beach.  November, 2018.

With Chelsea Shriver and Anthony B. Dawson. “Shakespeare and the Book”.  Exhibition at UBC Rare Books and Special Collections Library. October, 2018 (remounted in February 2019.

Producer. Galatea. Catherine Fergusson, director. Oecologies Conference. Vancouver, 2015

Dramaturge. The Madonna Painter.Craig Holzschuh, director. Théâtre La Seizième.Frederic Wood Theatre, UBC. November 11-20, 2010.

Director/Producer. The Wood-Carver’s Wife. Frederic Wood Theatre, April 26-29, 2000.

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