Medieval and Renaissance Literature and Book History

I have an on-going interest in the literary afterlives of New Testament saints and I continue to work on the books of Little Gidding.

Doubting Thomas, All Saints Pavement, York. Photo © Painton Cowen
John Ferrar’s Materials for the life of Nicholas Ferrar. Cambridge University Library. MS Additional 4484

Shakespeare “From Here”

I am currently working on a project that explores what it means to study the early modern past (specifically Shakespeare) as a located modern living in Vancouver, British Columbia on lands unceded by the Coast Salish people.

Lear Station, Kettle Valley Rail, British Columbia. Photo © Joe Smuin

The Making of Theatrical Wonder

And I am finishing a book about theatre director Roy Mitchell and the matter of the theatrical archive.

Roy Mitchell, The Creative Theatre (1969)
Roy Mitchell, “The Theatre of the Wheel”
Ms script for The Chester Mysteries, York University Library

Collaborative Research

I am a founding member of the Oecologies research cluster and have been a co-investigator on the Early Modern Conversions Project. See also The Galatea Project.

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